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Welcome to the Catch! Teenieping wiki!

She gotta cath them'all!

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Say hello to Romi!

This girl is a magical princess from a magic kingdom!

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Do you know them all?

Discover all the Teeniepings of Emotion Kingdom!

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Welcome to the Heartrose Bakery!

This bakery always smells delicious!

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Catch! Teenieping (캐치! 티니핑) is a Korean television series produced by SAMG Entertainment. This show will be released internationally in the second half of 2021, and Season 2, titled Sparkling Catch! Teenieping (반짝반짝 캐치! 티니핑) will be aired in Korea starting on Sepetember 22, 2021. Stay tuned!
About the show
Romi, a pretty normal girl at first glance, is in fact the princess of a magic kingdom, the Emotion Kingdom, who came to Earth to catch all the Teeniepings. Those cute but very mischevious creatures all have a unique power attached to an emotion or a concept that they use to wreak havroc in all Harmony Village. Accompanied by the Royalpings, she now works at the Heartrose Bakery, which her older cousin Sarah, and goes to school with her new friends. It won't be an easy task to manage that all, but she is more than ready to catch them' all!

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The airing of Season 2, titled Sparkling Catch! Teenieping (반짝반짝 캐치! 티니핑), has started! Each Wednesday, a new episode is released on Talent TV, and the trailer of the upcoming episode is published on the official Youtube channel.
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October 13, 2021

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Very kind, this Teenieping has a very orginal solution to make people stop fighting: she uses her magic glue to stick them together!